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Service & Product

Tri City Rx Pharmacy, Inc. understands that in every hour, minute, or second, an urgent and immediate need for pharmaceutical service may arise. This is why the pharmacy is made available 24/7, ensuring a compliant schedule suitable for rush-demanding, time-constricted emergencies.

Also, medication records are an assistive feature, in line with the health management support where medications of customers are documented. Updates in medications undergo intensive personal medication data monitoring to ensure that any changes with medicine intake will provide an optimum beneficial effect to the individual. With this pharmaceutical assistive management, critical decisions regarding one’s condition is handled with professional research and service.

Tri City Rx Pharmacy, Inc. aims for easily accessible medications in a financial aspect. Thus, pricing is tailored to be less monetarily demanding. Additionally, we can also package the cost-effective over-the-counter medications with the daily prescription medications for the customer’s convenience.

Other quality pharmaceutical solutions that we provide include, but are not limited to:
  • Customized reports and records
  • Equipment such as medication carts and fax machines (Comming Soon)
  • Expert clinical consulting and pharmacist support
  • Facility-specific billing representatives (Comming Soon)
  • Over-the-counter program
  • Quick, prompt, multiple same-day delivery services to your communities
  • Repackaging services to ease administration, speed medication pass time, and reduce errors
  • Specialized dispensing systems (bubble packaging) provided by state-of-the-art automation (Comming Soon)
  • Staff education

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